Nasal aspirator for small children with colds

Colds and nasal congestion in small children. Children of 0-3 years of age cannot blow their nose. Colds disturb sleep, feeding and the child’s and family’s general well-being. There has hitherto been no really good way of reducing or eliminating nasal congestion in small children with colds.

An indispensable aid when your child has a cold. It will make breathing, eating and sleeping easier. The aspirator is designed not to cause irritation to sensitive nasal membranes.

Accessories: NoseFrida™ hygiene filter ensures complete safety for the user.

NoseFrida™ has been developed by ear, nose and throat specialists, and is also recommended by Swedish paediatricians and nursery nurses.

Clinical tests show that using NoseFrida™ results in less nasal congestion, better sleep and an improved appetite. NoseFrida™ is so effective that there is a reduced need for nasal drops. With NoseFrida™ you clean the nose without irritating the sensitive nasal membrane.

How to use:
NoseFrida™ is placed against the nostril that is to be cleaned, whereupon you apply the suction required. Special filters are employed with NoseFrida™ which render its use hygienic.

You can feel safe in using NoseFrida™.

How it Works

NoseFrida™ is a plastic tube with a filter that is used by an adult to draw the mucous from a child’s nose.

NoseFrida™ is made from non-allergenic and latex free polypropylene.

NoseFrida™ has a specially designed filter to prevent an adult from coming into contact with the mucous so there is no risk of bacterial contamination.

NoseFrida™ is safe and cannot damage the baby’s septum as nothing is inserted into the nostrils.

With NoseFrida™ you control the suction required.

NoseFrida™ does not irritate the sensitive lining of the nose.

NoseFrida™ is so effective it may reduce the need to use nasal drops.