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Albumax® and the Dialysis Patient

Dialysis patients need an easy way to increase high quality protein in their diet.

Available nutritional supplements for dialysis patients contain a variety of ingredients some of which may not be suitable for individual dialysis patients.


In addition many are formulated as a liquid which increases the fluid intake of the dialysis patient.

Current nutritional supplements either are not designed specifically with the dialysis patient in mind or do not contain the amount of high quality whey protein isolate per dose that is in Albumax®.

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Added to food

Powder form added to food - no additional fluid intake for the patient. 

no impact on diet

Low Sodium, Phosphorus, And Potassium.

HIGH quality Protein

Allows a patient's body to maintain itself while limiting the amount of urea that's formed. 

designed for dialysis patient

Designed specifically with the dialysis patient in mind.

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