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Good Bacteria
for Your Gums

What can helpful bacteria do for oral problems and discomforts?

One of the main things that good bacteria can do is stick to our teeth and change the environment in our mouth. They can also produce substances that fight against harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation. These helpful bacteria, called lactic acid bacteria, offer a new way to treat and prevent conditions like tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath caused by infections in the mouth.

Why are "good bacteria" important for our smiles?

• Lactic acid bacteria are live microorganisms that are safe to consume and can have positive effects on our health.

• Adding lactic acid bacteria to our diet helps to balance the acidity in our mouth, which stops the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

What can you expect when using lactic acid bacteria for your dental health?

• Taking specific lactic acid bacteria tablets has been shown to improve gum health.

• Lactic acid bacteria can reduce the production of smelly compounds and improve the quality of life for people with bad breath or halitosis.

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